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Inspire the next generation of medical professionals to treat addiction and save lives.


Participate by attending our events, sharing your stories on social media, and spreading the word about the week. Share images, videos, and resources including "drop-in language" for newsletters, emails, or blogs with your communities.

Each year, National Addiction Treatment Week raises awareness about the gap between the number of patients who need addiction treatment and qualified medical professionals available to treat patients using evidence-based approaches.

The week highlights the critical need for more clinicians to enter the field of addiction medicine. Check out this year’s engaging schedule of events and ways to be involved! Mark your calendar today, join our partners and collaborators and spread the word to “treat addiction and save lives!”

✔️ Follow @TreatmentWeek on Twitter - Share the week’s messages using the week’s toolkit

✔️ Use hashtag #TreatmentWeek to share your perspectives on why it is important to treat addiction

✔️ Inspire medical students and residents to consider getting certified in addiction care and treatment

By putting our combined resources to work, we all contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients!

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